We offer a number of industry-leading mobility solutions in partnership with Cisco.

These solutions can help you create the workplace of the future, ensuring your employees become more productive, wherever they are, while maintaining impeccable security standards.

The benefits of our mobility solutions typically include:

  • More productive employees – by making your workspace mobile and ensuring secure remote access to your network, you can improve the productivity of your workforce
  • More engaged customers – our mobility solutions use mobile technology and Wi-Fi location services that can help you offer customers a more personal and seamless experience
  • More connections – our Enterprise Mobility Services Platform makes it easier and faster for you to build and connect apps for your employees and customers
  • Better security – we can improve productivity without compromising security. Through Cisco’s Mobile Workspace platform we can bring together the tools you need to create a next-generation workplace that features industry-renowned network protection

Connected Mobile Experience

Cisco’s CMX is a family of products that give you real-time analytics of your network, helping you to improve both employee and customer experiences.

Using open-architecture principles and intent-driven workflows, it provides insights into customer and employee behaviours through location-based technology. And this fuels better experiences – you can engage with them on a more personal level with push notifications.

The key benefits include:

  • Better analytics – improved insights will mean more informed business decisions
  • Enhanced experiences – create content that perfectly match employee and customer intent
  • Complete automation – CMX extends the Cisco DNA system, and creates seamless automation across your entire digital infrastructure