Cisco Advanced Enterprise Networks Architecture

We’re proud to be an official partner provider of Cisco’s market-leading Advanced Enterprise Networks Architecture – technology that sets a new bar for digital-ready networks.

Gone are the days of hardware-centric models with fragmented security and network data silos. In the age of AI and big data, networks have to be intuitive – learning from what they see and sense to adapt to changing needs. And that’s exactly what we are offering: it’s known as The Network. Intuitive.

Powered by intent, it automates mundane tasks, studies change and constantly learns and improves. Better still, it correlates network insights to improve experiences, efficiency and productivity.

In short, our Cisco-powered networks will turn days of work into hours, and help you to realise new business capabilities.

How it works: simple, intelligent, automated, secure networks

These networks give you the branch-to-office connections that our digital age necessitates, but using less expensive WAN transport options. Essentially, you’ll get more for less – a more robust, future-proofed network that offers genuine long-term value.

And with network complexity increasing rapidly, the intent-based approach comes to the fore: complexities are simplified, goals are transferred into policies, and you get more performance visibility than ever before.

Why it works: fusing Cisco’s DNA with yours

Cisco’s Digital Network Architecture (DNA) can sense, understand and react to everything that happens across all applications, users and devices in your network. In other words, their DNA can quickly get to grips with yours.

The intuitive solutions we offer in partnership with Cisco therefore offer a number of value-adding features and benefits:

  • Automation – save time and money: A bigger network means more users, devices and locations. Traditionally, this meant more resource – but with the automation allowed through Cisco’s DNA, it now means less
  • Defence – improved threat protection: The edge of your networks becomes your first line of defence. Its industry-leading ability to apply policies and detect threats rapidly therefore becomes vital
  • Data – more information, more visibility: You can build a detailed granular level of data on all on users, devices and applications. But more importantly, you have the ability to make that data visible and meaningful, in real-time
  • Mobile – better customer experiences: Cisco is the only vendor to team up with Apple, and these networks are mobile-ready, offering improved user experience
  • Adaptability – built to change: Digital moves too quickly for networks that can’t keep up. Yours will be open and programmable – leaving room for future innovation

The technologies

Advanced Core and WAN

Advanced Core and WAN gives your business a high-quality network experience over any type of connection. WAN costs are lowered through better value alternatives, and you can increase your bandwidth without compromising network reliability or security. Save money, save time, and free up resources for future upgrades.

Advanced Unified Access

Advanced Unified Access is about creating everything you need for a digital-ready infrastructure. By installing wireless access points, LAN controllers, and all the applications you need, we give you programmable, customisable tools to control and flex your network now and in the future.

Do you need a network fit for the future? Get in touch

As a Cisco partner, we’re in the privileged position of helping to make their next-gen network technology fit the unique character and needs of every kind of business.

So to discuss a solution for your business, get in touch.